Canada immigration alert: Number of applications under ‘skilled workers’ revealed

The number of applications received since the opening of the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) to Canada on May 4 this year has been revealed. On June 26, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced that since May 4, 65 accepted applications have been received.

For this year, a total of 5,000 application will be accepted. The FSWP is the most popular immigration route to Canada, and many aspirant migrants in the UAE apply for the programme when it opens its doors for applications. This year, the programme was re-opened after a one-year closure, due to important changes made.

It is anticipated that occupation caps can be reached within days, if not hours and many applicants had their files prepared well in advance in order to be among the first applicants.

Applications must be filed according to the Occupation List, which determines in which fields labour from abroad is required. Each occupation on the list accounts for 300 eligible applications, and there are 24 occupations on the list.

This year, most popular is the occupation category Financial and Investment Analysts, which received a total of 28 accepted applications. CIC reported on its website that the actual number of files awaiting acceptance at CIC offices is unknown. The programme will remain open until all occupation caps have been reached.

Majorie van Leijen

June 29, 2013



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