Canada migration alert: New list of occupations available now

The Government of Quebec has released the list of Areas of Training, which identifies which occupations are in demand in the province and how many points are awarded for having experience in these fields.

Per August 1st, 2013 the government of Quebec applies the revised Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) for migration to the province. The program is one of the popular programs of the province and equivalent to the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).

Last changed in 2009, a new list of Areas of Training has been launched. The list includes a number of new areas of training as well as a shuffle in the relevance attributed to certain areas through the allocation of points that can be earned by practicing professions in these areas.

The new list includes a total number of 146 areas of training, whereas the previous list included 110 such areas.

Noteworthy is the possibility the province offers to nurses. Although nurses had been taken off the Federal list of occupations in demand, the province of Quebec has kept the occupation on the list and increased the awarded points from 12 to 16.

An increase in awarded points was also realised for computer engineers and civil engineers, who have a better chance applying through the Quebec program than through the Federal program due to more significance allocated to the profession.

Some of the new occupations are in dental hygiene, banking and financial operations, the mining industry and industrial engineering.

Less fortunate for immigrant aspirants to Quebec is the fact that with the revised program an application cap has also been introduced. “Beginning August 1st, 2013, the Government of Quebec will place a cap of 20,000 on application intake for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Individuals with an offer of employment are not subject to this cap,” writes the government of Quebec on its homepage.

Furthermore, the program applies new language requirements per August 1st, 1013, raising the language standard. These requirements were announced earlier. The QSWP applies a points-based system, allocating points to several fields. Area of training is one such field and can be allocated 6-16 points. Language earns the applicant up to 22 points. Less points in one of the fields does not mean the applicant is not qualified, as the points might be compensated in another field.

Majorie van Leijen

August 09, 2013



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