New measures to cut down on wait times for Canadian citizenship decisions

Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander recently commented that the citizenship application process has been bogged down for too long by people who delay the process for everyone else by not taking it seriously.

To cut down wait times for citizenship decisions, measures are being taken for applicants who do not show up for their scheduled citizenship test or interview.

“We are committed to ensuring that those who play by the rules and work in good faith to become Canadian citizens will not have to wait in line behind people who fail to attend their citizenship test or interview, or who fail to submit a residence questionnaire,” said Minister Alexander.

Applicants who have missed their test or interview will receive a final notice to remind them to contact CIC to provide a reasonable cause for not showing up. These applicants will be rescheduled a test or interview if the cause for missing their appointment is found to be reasonable.

They will have two opportunities over three months to provide a reasonable cause. Otherwise, CIC will close their application.

CIC give some examples of reasonable cause for missing a scheduled test or interview:

  • being away to care for a dying parent;
  • inability to appear as a result of health constraints following an illness or accident; or
  • waiting for the arrival of documents requested from a third-party (requests for additional information only).

The applicants will receive CIC’s notice at their most recently known address. As such, applicants are responsible for keeping their contact information with CIC up-to-date.

September 19 ‘ 2013



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